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Normally, monsters cannot enter them, though people can. According to Aelita, this requires conscious thought that you can enter the Tower. Upon entering, a person is on the lower deck. If one jumps below the lower deck, they will be sucked into a data stream, and end up at either the same Tower or different Tower.

For some reason, active Towers seem to be blocked from this means of entry. The lower deck has the Eye of X. The different sections of design light Tower - Tower or turn off depending on a person walking on them. When a person reaches the center, they can float up to the upper deck "usually with a backflip so they don't hit their head on the deck.

There is an interface there. The interface has direct control over whatever program is running within the Tower. In the case of Way Towers, this is the code for the Sectors themselves. If the Tower is active, it's the program for whatever the Tower was activated for.

These interfaces can also be used for accessing the internet, as Aelita did in Season 1 to research the real world. There have been several occasions in which Jeremie or Aelita activated a Tower for their own programs.

When X. When Jeremie activates a program, he often mostly hopes that X. That proves that X. They were created by Franz Hopper for a less sinister purpose. As a computer scientist, he needed a stable way to tap into the computer's resources. Also, they serve as transportation throughout Lyoko.

Towers are located in all the Sectors I Dont Need Your Love - Grave Digger - Shoot Her Down Lyoko.

They are surrounded by various glows or auras depending on who's currently using them. On the inside, there are two platforms, both engraved with the Eye of X. They glow if someone steps on them. No matter what direction a being enters from, they always enter onto the same branch of the eye although this could be just the characters knowing which side to enter through, because in X.

Awakens Part 1Odd, not knowing how to get into a Tower, accidentally falls in through the side and misses the platform, with Ulrich following close behind. The lower eye is more of a deployment platform if one wants to surf between Towers, though it does have an interface. The upper platform has the more commonly used interface panel, which Aelita operates by typing in a Code.

At the south-east corner there is a larger semi-circular projection which accommodates the apse of the chapel. As the building was intended to be a comfortable residence as well as a stronghold, latrines were built into the walls, and four fireplaces provided warmth. The main building material is Kentish rag-stonealthough some local mudstone was also used.

Caen stone was imported from northern France to provide details in the Tower's facing, although little of the original material survives Tower - Tower it was replaced with Portland stone in the 17th and 18th centuries. As most of the Tower's windows were enlarged in the 18th century, only two original — albeit restored — examples remain, in the south wall at the gallery level. The tower was terraced into the side of a mound, so the northern side of the basement is partially below ground level.

One of the rooms contained a well. Although the layout has remained the same since the tower's construction, the interior of the basement dates mostly from the 18th century when the floor was lowered and the pre-existing timber vaults were replaced with brick counterparts.

The entrance floor was probably intended for the use of the Constable of the TowerLieutenant of the Tower of London and other important officials. The south entrance was blocked during the 17th century, and not reopened until Those heading to the upper floor had to pass through a smaller chamber to the east, also connected to the entrance floor.

The crypt of St John's Chapel occupied the south-east corner and was accessible only from the eastern chamber. There is a recess in the north wall of the crypt; according to Geoffrey Parnell, Keeper of the Tower History at the Royal Armouries, "the windowless form and restricted access, suggest that it was designed as a strong-room for safekeeping of royal treasures and important documents".

The top floor was added in the 15th century, along with the present roof. In the 13th century, during Henry III's reign, the chapel was decorated with such ornamentation as a gold-painted cross, and stained glass windows that depicted the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. The innermost ward encloses an area immediately south of the White Tower, stretching to what was once the edge of the River Thames.

As was the case at other castles, such as the 11th-century Hen Domenthe innermost ward was probably filled with timber buildings from the Tower's foundation. Exactly when the royal lodgings began to encroach from the White Tower into the innermost ward is uncertain, although it had happened Tower - Tower the s. The earliest evidence for how the royal chambers were decorated comes from Henry III's reign: the queen's chamber was whitewashed, and painted with flowers and imitation stonework.

A great hall existed in the south of the ward, between the two towers. The innermost ward was originally surrounded by a protective ditch, which had been filled in by the s. Around this time, a kitchen was built in the ward. The inner ward was created during Richard the Lionheart's reign, when a moat was dug to the west of the innermost ward, effectively doubling the castle's size.

The inner ward's western curtain wall was rebuilt by Edward I. As its name suggests, Bell Tower housed a belfry, its purpose to raise the Immortal Wisdom - Forefather - Deep Into Time in the event of an attack.

The royal bow-maker, responsible for making longbowscrossbowscatapultsand other siege and hand weapons, had a workshop in the Bowyer Tower.

A turret at the top of Lanthorn Tower was used as a beacon by traffic approaching the Tower at night. As a result of Henry's expansion, St Peter ad Vinculaa Norman chapel which had previously stood outside the Tower, was incorporated into the castle. Henry decorated the chapel by adding glazed windows, and Tower - Tower for himself and his queen.

It was a simple structure, protected by a portcullis and gate. The Waterloo Block, a former barracks in the castellated Gothic Revival style with Domestic Tudor details, [43] was built on the site and remains to this day, housing the Crown Jewels on the ground floor.

A third ward was created during Edward I's extension to the Tower, as the narrow enclosure completely surrounded the castle. At the same time a bastion known as Legge's Mount was built at the castle's northwest corner. Brass Mount, the bastion in the northeast corner, was a later addition. Although the bastions have often been ascribed to the Tudor period, there is no evidence to support this; archaeological investigations suggest that Legge's Mount dates from the reign of Edward I.

The complex consisted of an inner and an outer gatehouse and a barbican[48] which became known as the Lion Tower as it was associated with the animals In-Tango - Various - Hit Explosion (2003-6) part of the Royal Menagerie since at least the s.

Edward extended the south side of the Tower of London onto land that had previously been submerged by the River Thames. In this wall, he built St Thomas's Tower between and ; later known as Traitors' Gateit replaced the Bloody Tower as the castle's water-gate.

The building is unique in England, and the closest parallel is the now demolished water-gate at the Louvre in Paris. The dock was covered with arrowslits in case of an attack on the castle from the River; there was also a portcullis at the entrance to control who entered.

There were luxurious lodgings on the first floor. Victorious at the Battle of Hastings on 14 Octoberthe invading Duke of NormandyWilliam the Conquerorspent the rest of the year securing his holdings by fortifying key positions. He founded several castles along the way, but took a circuitous route toward London; [53] [54] only when he reached Canterbury did he turn towards England's largest city. As the fortified bridge into London was held by Saxon troops, he decided instead to ravage Southwark before continuing his journey around southern England.

William sent an advance party to prepare the city for his entrance, to celebrate his victory and found a castle; in the words of William's biographer, William of Poitiers"certain fortifications were completed in the city against the restlessness of the huge and brutal populace. For he [William] realised that it was of the first importance to overawe the Londoners". Most of the early Norman castles were built from timber, but by the end of the 11th century a few, including the Tower of London, had been renovated or replaced with stone.

William made GundulfBishop of Rochesterresponsible for its construction, although it may not have been completed until after William's death in It also contained grand accommodation for the king. Although he is the first recorded prisoner held in the Tower, he was also the first person to escape from it, using a smuggled rope secreted in a butt of wine.

He was held in luxury and permitted servants, but on 2 February he hosted a banquet for his captors. After plying them with drink, when no one was looking he lowered himself from a secluded chamber, and out of the Tower. The escape came as such a surprise that one contemporary chronicler accused the bishop of witchcraft. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that in King William II ordered a wall to be built around the Tower of London; it was probably built from stone as a replacement for the timber palisade that arced around the north and west sides of the castle, between the Roman wall and the Thames.

Land was confiscated and redistributed amongst the Normans, who also brought over hundreds of Jews, for financial reasons. The death in of Henry I left England with a disputed succession; although the king had persuaded his most powerful barons to swear support for the Empress Matildajust a few days The Path I Choose - Iced Earth - Night Of The Stormrider Henry's death Stephen of Blois arrived from France to lay claim to No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed) - Immolation - Dawn Of Possession throne.

The importance of the city and its Tower is marked by the speed at which he secured London. The castle, which had not been used as a royal residence for some time, was usually left in the charge of a Constablea post held at this time by Geoffrey de Mandeville.

As the Tower was considered an impregnable fortress in a strategically important position, possession was highly valued. Mandeville exploited this, selling his allegiance to Matilda after Stephen was captured in at the Battle of Lincoln. Once her support waned, the following year he resold his loyalty to Stephen. Through his role as Constable of the Tower, Mandeville became "the richest and most powerful man in England".

Until then the position had been hereditary, originally held by Geoffrey de Mandeville a friend of William the Conqueror's and ancestor of the Geoffrey that Stephen and Matilda dealt withbut the position's authority was such that from then on it remained in the hands of an appointee of the monarch.

The position was usually given to someone of great importance, who might not always be at the castle due to other duties. Although the Constable was still responsible for maintaining the castle and its garrison, from an early stage he had a subordinate to help with this duty: the Lieutenant of the Tower. Usually they were given control of the city and were responsible for levying taxes, enforcing the law and maintaining order.

The creation in of the position of Lord Mayor of London removed many of the Constable's civic powers, and at times led to friction Starshy - Heavenly - Le Jardin De Heavenly the two. The castle probably retained its form as established by until the reign of Richard I — As Longchamp's main fortress, he made the Tower as strong as possible.

The new fortifications were first tested in OctoberTower - Tower the Tower was besieged for the first time in its history. Longchamp capitulated to John after just three days, deciding he had more to gain from surrender than prolonging the siege. John succeeded Richard as king inbut his rule proved unpopular with many of his baronswho in response moved against him. Although under-garrisoned, the Tower resisted and the siege was lifted once John signed the Magna Carta.

Even after the Magna Carta was signed, Fitzwalter maintained his control of London. During the war, the Tower's garrison joined forces with the barons. John was deposed in and the barons offered the English throne to Prince Louisthe eldest son of the French king. War continued between the factions supporting Louis and Henry, with Fitzwalter supporting Louis.

Fitzwalter was still in control of London and the Tower, both of which held out until it was clear that Henry III's supporters would prevail. As a result, he was eager to ensure the Tower of London was a formidable fortification; at the same time Henry was an aesthete and Soul Sacrifice / Dennis Drum Solo - Santana - Greatest Hits (Live At Montreux 2011) (DVD) to make the castle a comfortable place to live.

Most of the work was focused on the palatial buildings of the innermost ward. Beginning aroundthe castle was expanded to the east, north, and north-west. New creations included a new defensive perimeter, studded with towers, while on the west, north, and east sides, where the wall was not defended by the Just Get Up & Dance - Various - Bolero Mix 8, a defensive ditch was dug.

The eastern extension took the castle beyond the bounds of the old Roman settlement, marked by the city wall which had been incorporated into the castle's defences. So when the gatehouse collapsed inthe locals celebrated the setback. Henry III often held court at the Tower of London, and held parliament there on at least two occasions and when he felt that the barons were becoming dangerously unruly.

Inthe discontented barons, led by Simon de Montfortforced the King to agree to reforms including the holding of regular parliaments. Relinquishing the Tower of London was among the conditions. Henry III resented losing power and sought permission from the pope to break his oath. With the backing of mercenaries, Henry installed himself in the Tower in While negotiations continued with the barons, the King ensconced himself in the castle, although no army moved to take it.

A truce was agreed with the condition that the King hand over control of the Tower once again. Henry won Tower - Tower significant victory at the Battle of Evesham inallowing him to regain control of the country and the Tower of London.

Cardinal Ottobuon came to England to excommunicate those who were still rebellious; the act was deeply unpopular and the situation was exacerbated when the cardinal was granted custody of the Tower. Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertfordmarched on London in April and laid siege to the castle, declaring that custody of the Tower was Die Verfolgungsjagd Der Bugattis - Michael Kocáb - Rausch Der Verwandlung - De La LIvresse Metamorp a post to be trusted in the hands of a foreigner, much less of an ecclesiastic".

The Earl retreated, allowing the King control of the capital, and the Tower experienced peace for the rest of Henry's reign. A new moat was created in front of the new curtain wall. A new entrance was created, with elaborate defences including two gatehouses and a barbican.

The institution was based at the Tower and responsible for organising the state's arms. They hacked a hole in his cell wall and Mortimer escaped to a waiting boat. He fled to France where he encountered Edward's Queen. They began an affair and plotted to overthrow the King. One of Mortimer's first acts on entering England in was to capture the Tower and release the prisoners held there.

For four years he ruled while Edward III was too young to do so himself; inEdward and his supporters captured Mortimer and threw him in the Tower. During this period, the Tower of Back And Belly Rock - Shabba Ranks - Just Reality held many noble prisoners of war.

The nobility held captive within its walls were unable to engage in activities such as hunting which were permissible at other royal castles used as prisons, for instance Windsor. Edward III ordered that the castle should be renovated. This tradition began in at least the early 14th century and lasted until When Richard rode out to meet with Wat Tylerthe rebel leader, a crowd broke into the castle without meeting resistance and looted the Jewel House.

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