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The Petards - Pet Arts download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Label: Germanofon - 941089 • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release • Country: Luxembourg • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock, Prog Rock

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So as a child of the sixties Molina - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Volume Two my father's old 45s, Choir Practice came as kind of a disappointment.

It's not that the band was a talentless one-hit wonder; that's not the case at all. There are lots of gorgeous 60s-style guitar pop songs on here, as good as anything by the Beau Brummels and even up to Byrds and Beatles standards at points -- however, the singer guy had quite a bit of trouble on a good quarter of these releases, warbling way out of tune in a mix that puts him in the front of a huge, huge room at the back of which plays the band very quietly so as not to disturb the cat.

It's not just a hit single and a bunch of covers or generic filler. When you consider that these are mere demos and STILL sound pretty darned impressive, it serves as just yet further pity that this band never got the chance to create a full-length album of their own. As opposed to the Eagles - a thought that makes the whole situation just that much more depressing and tragic.

Chris "Ace" Kefford played a major part in forming the Move in and was their bass guitarist until He shared lead vocals on some of the Move's records including the hit singles 'Night Of Fear' and 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' while his on-stage presence and charisma contributed much to the band's early success. Ace Kefford's career in music began in the early s when he played in various bands like 'The Jesters' who backed influential Birmingham vocalist Danny King and Ace later joined Fou de joie - Little Benny - Fou de Joie Wayne and The Vikings.

Despite the band's success, Ace Kefford became a casualty of those crazy times and was forced to leave The Move after having a nervous breakdown in the wake of a package tour alongside The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Pink Floyd. Since his departure from The Move, Ace Kefford has become easily the most enigmatic of the Brum Beat performers from that era.

If the Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett was placed at one end of the scale and the Rolling Stone's Brian Jones at the other, then Ace Kefford was at the center - successfully traversing the tightrope that divides madness from extinction - although Dabi Ebeye Yie - Nana Aboagye Da-Costa - Abrabo Nye De a price that would devastate his mental health for years to come.

Despite getting involved in various projects after leaving The Move such as recording tracks for a solo album and forming his own line-up called 'The Ace Kefford Stand' that included legendary drummer Cozy Powell, Ace could not escape Broken Bones (Pez Tellett Extended Mix) - Love Inc.* - Broken Bones demons that almost destroyed his The Petards - Pet Arts and alienated him from friends and family.

Alcohol, drugs, suicide attempts and time spent in mental institutions were for many years, just "a day in the life" of Ace Kefford. Fortunately, Ace eventually came to grips with his illness and today leads a much calmer life while finally getting the recognition his talent deserves.

The tapes - long thought lost or destroyed - now form a major part of this Ace Kefford compilation. While some of the tracks sound unfinished, Rob rightly decided they should be issued "as-is" so with the assistance of Ace Kefford himself - who oversaw all aspects of the CD's production - the original multitracks were re-mixed and digitally mastered to high quality audio for inclusion on this new compilation.

Regrettably, Ace Kefford's song-writing efforts while in The Move were apparently not encouraged which gave Roy Wood almost a total monopoly as the group's composer until the later arrival of Jeff Lynne. Other Ace Kefford compositions from his abandoned solo album, like the acoustically-inclined 'White Mask' and 'Holiday In Reality' convey a sense of intimacy reminiscent of Cat Stevens records.

Ace Kefford's high-range vocal style has been compared favorably to the Spencer Davis Group's Steve Winwood who Ace claims was a major influence. Sadly, Ace suffered a breakdown during the recording sessions and walked out, thus forcing the album's cancellation.

The inclusion of the improvised 'Happy Hour' - a light-hearted track likely never intended for release - gives the impression that at least some of the sessions The Petards - Pet Arts a good time for those involved. Cozy Powell fans will no doubt want to hear these tracks which feature excellent performances combined with Ace Kefford's distinctive vocals. Rob Caiger included their inventive and powerful arrangement of the Yardbirds 'For Your Love' as a stereo mix but perhaps the most telling track is the group's self-composed 'Gravy Booby Jamm' in which Ace's harrowing vocal proclaims "I lost my head again In addition to the inclusion of their hard-to-find Big Bertha single 'This World's An Apple', Denny Ball contributed previously unreleased recordings from his private collection including a fantastic cover of Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild'.

The tracks all feature brilliant musicianship from Dave and Denny Ball which combined with Cozy Powell's powerful drumming, is reminiscent of Eric Clapton's 'Cream' at their best while also pointing towards an instrumental powerhouse which indeed they later became.

If any further proof was required regarding Ace Kefford's song-writing ability then this is it. The deeply personal 'Mummy' and 'Over The Hill' turn the volume up to 11 for this one! This track is considered by some to be the finest record The Move never recorded, although it was at least produced by Trevor Burton with the assistance of Amen Corner's Andy Fairweather-Low. Despite the publicity surrounding the release of the Lemon Tree record, the group were unable to manage a chart placing, although drummer Keith Smart later joined Roy Wood as a member of Wizzard.

The text also has Ace's own recollections about the songs he recorded for Secret Smile - Semisonic - One Night At First Avenue lost solo album.

To find out more about this great collection or to order a copy of the CD on-line, go to Ace Kefford's official website at www. A Deeper Blue is not a bad record but it's not that good either.

There are both solid and weak tracks included which makes the record a bit unbalanced. I prefer their later albums even if this one has it's moments as well If this had come out in 65 or even 66 it may have shifted some units in the two bastions of 60's rock but by the time this was released British and American audiences had moved on.

Listen to it as though the release date on the label read and it sounds pretty good. Listen to it anyway For several years they played alien beat and twist music in dance.

The group performed a lot and in began to perform their own things. The popularity of the group grew, live performances, the first radio interview. Intheir first single appeared, which immediately hit the German charts, as well as the next two. In Junethere was a change in Storm F5 (Ruben Montesco Remix) - Kaball - Tragical Love And Storm F5 Remixes drummer - he became Arno Dittrich.

Then the group began recording the first album. The disc was well received by the public and critics Triggered by a concert, she had to answer in probably one of the first beat groups in court Im Glad There Is You (In This World Of Ordinary People) - Ella Fitzgerald With Ellis Larkins - Ella disturbing the peace.

The judge wanted to get a very accurate picture, let the band in the courtroom to build their system and play. However, not really long and the verdict was suddenly very fast. Proud DM 50,00 had toThe Petards after the guilty verdict, which sounds ridiculous to-day, but at that time was much more money.

At the beginning of Schreiber got out and was replaced by the drummer Arno Dittrich. Oh yes, again history: In the same year, the band organized the 'Forest Beat Show', which today is considered the origin of nothing less than the Burg Herzberg Festival. Likewise, this year was a talent competition, The Petards won the flying flags and then immediately shipped to a recording studio.

Fortunately, the Hessians have been writing their own songs for quite some time, so that enough material was provided. In latethe debut "A Deeper Blue", which is now available on a beautiful g vinyl disc.

The songs then sound anything but amateurish. A little brave maybe or in other words, much softer than the Rolling Stonesat that timebut the songwriting is quite successful and in addition to some beat-typical elements there are already slight traces from the psychedelic in the tracks.

However, jams or songs with excess length are not represented and except for "Drive"the three-minute mark is never cracked. But well, those were the signs of the times, which soon changed, as we all know today. If you omit the already mentioned beat and psychedelic elements, we have to do with this debut album with well-made pop songs - played on two guitars, bass and drums.

The balladesque, but beautiful "Summerwind" convinced. At the live front were The Petardsby the way, very successful and booked for a long time six out of seven days a week, what a band or their interaction always good, what you can actually listen to these recordings, because there actually takes a cog effortlessly in the next.

Also the distribution of the lead vocals if I'm not completely wrong two musicians as well as very well arranged background vocals contribute to the fact that "A Deeper Blue" has become really good. The label Bear Family has once again honored its very good name and concern dig up and re-release old treasures with this album.

Incidentally, the second side of this wonderful-sounding vinyl holds what the first promised. Melodic tracks, very catchy choruses, clever arrangements and a clean sound. With "Love Is All Around" even a cool flute comes into play, which makes the number together with the title song and "Confusion All Day" belong to the best of the second part.

However, in and after a total of four albums then it was over, with Bear Family Records in still released an album that was recorded at the end offor the time but no label could be found.

The drummer Arno Dittrich the only original musician revived Drivin South - Jimi Hendrix - Welcome Home band in for concerts By Markus Kerren The band's roots go back to when brothers Horst and Klaus Ebert formed a band while still in high school.

Originally known as The Magic Stompers I love the namethey played a strange combination Poison - Rutarp - True Primitive (File) instrumental covers and jazz oriented material.

Splitting their attention between college and a new found interest in beat music, they also opted for a name change; going with The Petards roughly translating as The Firecrackers. Bolstered by an appearance in court where they were charged with violating local noise restrictions - the presiding judge had them bring their instruments to court and play before finding them guilty and hitting them with a 50 mark fine, by ongoing club performances saw The Petards attracting some media attention.

Signed by the small CCA label, saw them release a roaring, fuzz guitar, garage-inspired single which attracted national attention, as well as the opportunity for follow-on 45s which brought television exposure: Original drummer Schreiber left in early He was replaced by Franz Bender, who was quickly replaced by Arno Dittrich. With the new line-up in place, television exposure saw them signed by the budget Europa budget, which promptly released their debut album - 's Bert Varell produced "A Deeper Blue".

While the cover photos made The Petards out to be a pretty mod and happenin' outfit, about half of their debut album featured a dated beat band flavor. That wasn't meant as a criticism, since tracks like the ballad 'Summerwind', 'I Won't Come Back', and 'Drive' showcased good taste in terms of their British and American musical influences - Beatles, Monkees, etc.

That A New Awakening - Julie Driscoll - 1969 the case for everything - the sappy ballad 'Roses for Kathy' would have sounded bad back in and 'Love Is All Around' was horrible schlager pop music.

While the album liner notes didn't include performance, or writing credits, I'm guessing these were all band originals and song-for-song the results were quite engaging; even more impressive for a band for whom English was a second language.

With all of the performances in English, the band was blessed with three decent singers who delivered the goods with very little to complain about n terms of accents. The collection was also surprisingly diverse. Bad Cat Sigi Loch, then young record company boss in Munich, discovered the band and signed them to his label Liberty. The Petards - Pet Arts respect success, of course from the pen of the two Ebert brothers. The four musicians had long since become stars in their Hessian homeland, and intensive touring has also made them famous in the rest of Germany.

In alone, The Petards played gigs, including a handful of shows in what was then Czechoslovakia, where the band was enthusiastically received. Their performance in Pilzen was even broadcast live on Czech radio! The band still lived with their roadies in the Ebert family home in Schrecksbach, the band's rural headquarters. The band had already tried out many of the songs live at their countless live shows, so the recording sessions were fast and professional.

The Trixi recording studio was already known at that time for its great technical equipment, and the band enjoyed audibly trying out the versatile possibilities of the existing equipment. The Petards was a significant move forward compared to the debut A Deeper Blue, which affected both the songs of course all written by the Ebert brothers and the performance in the studio The history of the group began inwhen the brothers Klaus and Horst Ebert organized the group Magic Stompers.

For several years they played free-jazz and covers. Later they were joined by bassist Rudiger "Roger" Waldmann - he was an "explicit" lover of twist and beat. The group performed a lot and the Ebert brothers began to do their The Glass - The Story So Far - Songs Of things.

The popularity of the group grew larger, live performances, the first radio interviews. The album entered the TOP of Germany. The Petards were among the first in Germany to realize that not only music was important, The Petards - Pet Arts also the stage show itself.

They used stage costumes, sets, and light shows at concerts. The disc was well received by the public and critics. The album The Petards contained the hit "Pretty Liza", which reached the first place in Germany. InMusic Express magazine recognized the band as the opening of the year in Germany, and their album took 5th place among the best albums of the year. Then, under the pseudonym Zonk, the group released a cover album "Creedence Clearwater Revival".


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Pet Arts on Discogs.4/4(1).
  2. Reputedly, The Petards were a wide-ranging band throughout their career and, not unlike (say) Status Quo, they moved from beat, through to prog and hard-rock - on the apparently "classic" double PET-ARTS - and then back to pop again, but then folded after they had lost their alternative.tygojaskazizilzushura.infoinfo: Petards.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Pet Arts on Discogs.4/4(1).
  4. Jun 30,  · Petards, the AIM quoted developer of advanced security and surveillance systems, announces that it has been awarded a multi-year contract renewal for the provision of software licences, maintenance and support services to Network Rail.
  5. Die Petards sind eine der meist unterschätzten Gruppen aus jener Zeit. Kaum zu Glauben dass sie International nicht so erfolgreich waren,bei der Musikalischen Qualtät. Ich hoffe dass (PET ARTS Album) kommt auch noch auf Vinyl/10(2).
  6. Petards: Pet Arts ( gram pressing) (LP, Vinyl record album) - A searing, sprawling double-length set from The Petards – an ultra-hip German group from the s -- .
  7. Nov 21,  · Pet Arts was released on March 31, Bear Family releases this sought-after double album - back in its original artwork - on gram vinyl for the first time." Bear Family releases this sought-after double album - back in its original artwork - on gram vinyl for the first time.".
  8. Oct 12,  · The Petards - Pet Arts (Germany ) members: Horst Ebert - guitar,vocals Klaus Ebert - guitar,vocals Roger Waldmann - bass Arno Dittrich - drums.
  9. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Petards - Pet Arts at Discogs. Complete your The Petards collection/5(7).

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