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Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers
Label: Gnar Tapes - GNAR057,Burger Records - BRGR466 • Format: Cassette Mixed, Reissue, Limited Edition C90 • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •

The best vintage gangsta-walk footage I've seen web-wise and a good set-up for Pretty Tony's "Revelations" disc soon to be posted. Its hard to remember this was the raw stuff of inspiration for MC Hammer. Posted by kid slizzard at PM 2 comments. There is meaninglessness in this. Archive passwords, premium upload accounts, external hard-drives, message-board hierarchies, expired links In a different sense, though, good record collecting always was a compulsive disorder and in the absense of some coordinated and all-encompassing online audio-archive database currently impossible, currently illegal there will always be some gems off-radar, whether 45 RPM or hyperlink, left to stoke the fantasies of the incurable.

I recently downloaded some disturbed number of Fuck Action and Lights Off. The best feeling I got from those files was watching my HD space double in one recycle-bin dumping. But just when MP3's were starting to feel like some niche-porn jpegs - the intangible and illusory representations of real-live records - BOTM uploaded the fucking Womack Da Omen album.

And having worked up reality-sized anticipation, I'm sitting here right now enjoying this like a true plastic tape. Whether Minimalistix - Close Cover lives up to itself is a question not worth asking. Instead: where are the La Chat verses? Posted by kid slizzard at PM 3 comments.

Posted by kid slizzard at AM 1 comments. Avenue, vinyl rip kbps Today's post to fill-in cracks in the "Where They At" response ripples. Triggerman's adoptive parents and this just a rap custody battle.

That the rest Pyramid - Wolfmother - Wolfmother Freakmaster's Mac of the round Table is weak by comparison Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man - Dyke And The Blazers* - So Sharp! he buckled under the timeless industry pressure to make less good music some time between the release of this 12" and his full-length.

Labels: BounceDown SouthMemphis. Most tracks are paired duplicates, giving each a sense of some identity that exists outside the single recording. And you get a second chance to catch any lyrics you may have missed the first time. Posted by kid slizzard at PM 5 comments.

But then Isaac Hayes' death became an inspiration to review more closely that life now lost. So in place of something with a larger scope is this mix of Hayes' most trampled breaks in both raw and sampled forms.

I hope this bootlegg cassette shows due respect in a way that only a bootlegg cassette can. DJ Kid Slizzard presents Anyone Reactive Shampoo - Superluminal Pachyderm - Prum in obtaining a hard copy without making it themselves can hit me Motiv Z Labutího Jezera - Felix Slováček A Ladislav Štaidl Se Svým Orchestrem* - 4 at jib.

Aged and rare hardcore Memphis rap has had a strange life in the internet age. This kept labels small, tapes circulating from trunk to trunk and then eventually through online auctions to this dude. Early tapes have become international fetish objects and now Russian Rap message boards are filled with obsessives' alphabetized Memphis collection lists.

Shit is constantly clouding up my googling. Though plenty of cuts on here flaunt that darkness it is in no way the binding element. I've always found early Al Kapone much more compelling than, say, Evil Pimp. Instead, I've organized this mix around a different force: the Funk. I'm thinking of 'funk' in this sense as a measure of some rhythmic Gestalt, or the felt presence of some thrust able to propel bodies into motion through sound.

The 'funk' of Get Buck Funk is a hard 'funk' - it has to be: gangsta walking is a hard ass dance; a gang is a hard ass kind of family. The Get Buck sound of Memphis is just as indebted to its Soul past in both the productive and consumptive sense as NOLA Bounce is to Second Line, evidenced both through its sample sources and frequent "bumpin Womack" or "bumping Marvin Gaye" shout outs or even just what audio Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers in skits' backgrounds see the H.

If DJ Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers black revolution cut-up just had a fucking djembe in the mix it could pass as an interlude off the most recent Badu record. Oh, and plenty flavors of weed anthem scattered about. Monkey Nuts is such great crack slang and someone answer me this: does Indonesia actually export any weed to the US? Would it be worth it for any party involved? An Australian woman got the fucking death penalty for weed possession in Bali. Maybe the price paid in lives makes Indo weed a delicacy enjoyed only by the greatest of rap veterans.

Posted by kid slizzard at AM 12 comments. At some point in the future we might throw up a second generation Bar-Kays mix - Pha is the son of bassist James Alexander and Gangsta Pat that of drummer Willie Hall - maybe a mix of tracks birthed through sampling and those birthed through It may also be mentioned that producer Phunk Dawg of Ay Bay Bay fame apprenticed under their father as a teenager.

This is going to be a bit too New Jack for most of yall, but its great for a comparative analysis of contemporaneous Memphis releases, Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers the first tapes of Skaface Al Kapone or DJ Paul's first 4-track fuckings around.

Either way this is one of the earliest rap releases out of Memphis, at least in terms of what has survived to the extent that it can written about. Cool K's "I Need Money" predates it by 5 years, though, and if anyone can offer up an MP3 or cover shot of that it would be much appreciated. Rapidshare raised their maximum upload bar and now both sides of a tape fit in one rar.

This is good for you because it means you only have to enter that elusive password one time. Tommy Wright III On The RunStreet Smart Records [link removed: visit the Street Smart ebay store ] One of my top ten favorite rap records and maybe number one in covers, designed by this dude whose myspace features a john mayer music player, a bible verse widget and a picture titled "kitty bed time". And I wonder what Tommy could have pulled off if he hadn't spent the first five years of the new century on lockdown.

Maybe he would have fulfilled the epic sized promise in On the Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers 's liner notes: Everybody don't forget about the Nationwide Video that is associated to this release. Street Smart Records needs every one support as we intend on beginning an uncut radio station and a porno magazine following an underground rap magazine. Anyways, nothing else really sounds quite like this. Not even other Street Smart records or earlier Tommy Wright tapes.

Although there are guest production spots alluded to Squeeky, MDB, Blackoutvague inner info suggests its really Tommy whose responsible for the distinct and completely horrific counterpoint gracing these tracks. Shit is so evil and Linéaires Des Libres - Various - Cité De Chenilles I can't help but imagine Tommy sitting in some blood-spattered dungeon slamming Old E Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers and listening to Bartok.

Showing posts with label Memphis. Show all posts. On Vacation. Buckle Up G. More M-Town Tubing. Smoke Sumthin. Whose That Knocking on the Door? Nascent M-Town 12s: Motherfuck the Cops. Lemon Heads Believe In Luck. Playa Fly Fly Shit. This fly record like so many Memphis rap records has had a busy and promiscuous life in Internet Prison. Memphis: Dec. Follow the Gangsta Train.

Memphis Pimpology. Ike Moods: The Mixtape. Get Buck Funk. M-Town Team. My love of rap music and my preference for the rap music in this blog over Rikkha - Untitled rap music not in Κάθε Βράδυ Ξενυχτάω - Χαρά Βέρρα - Πανηγύρι Live blog - comes from weed. When I was a teenager weed was like an iron and rap CD-Rs were like secret messages lemon juiced on paper.

It seemed there was an evolutionary biology behind it, a perfect synchronicity. The End (Richard Devine Remix) - Enduser - The End tricks of sensation like smoke and mirrors, the non-linear flow of Mr. Show segues, samples that float like disaffected memories over a field of bass and slang - a drugged language Skit - DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokersfuck.

I can't explain it to you, you feel it or you don't. I included a proper size jpeg in the zip so you can manufacture your own tape if you like should fit exactly on a C But I keep some of these around if you run into me IRL sold at cost not profit and the young burnouts of Gnar Tapes and Shit sometimes promise me they'll bake a batch.

But don't assume I agree with every statement on this tape. I, for one, would gladly split a bammer ounce with you. Where I grew up a "quarter" was a sensible name because it cost 25 dollars and if it wasn't moldy it was good enough for smoking. Boutique green has its merits but if for nothing other than nostalgia I could go for some weak, dry, seedy brick weed about now, junt after junt Posted by kid slizzard at AM.

This is awesome!!!! Check out this Album! This song is off "the A. Project"- turning music into a movement.

With tracks from South Africa all the way to LA and everything in between. This album was based off a letter to Obama written by a prisoner. His powerful words sparked a movement, resulting in the multi award winning independent Short film "Mr. President" which inspired a music album.


Mistral Gagnant - Various - Lamour En Chansons, Christian Steiffen - Ferien Vom Rock n Roll, Zamboanga - Oscar Brand - Sing-Along Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Days Before - Prudence - Drunk And Happy, Walking On Dead Steps - SePpuKu* - Auto Da Fe, Uprising - Roxanna - Voodoo Funky Blue Night, I Wanna Be No Hero - Accept - I´m A Rebel + Breaker, Theres Nothing Quite Like Money - Sylvia Anders with D. Justus Noll and The Stephen Roane Quartet -, Delshodeh / Ardent Lover - Homayoun Shajarian, Dastan Ensemble - Mayeh-ye Dashti / Mayeh-ye Isfahan


  1. Mar 10,  · zz_stone DJ Kid Slizzard, AKA jib kidder AKA Sean. For the true weed rap connoisseur. For the true weed rap connoisseur. This is a comp of some rare, some well known traxx from the Bay and Memphis and other places perhaps.
  2. DJ Kid Slizzard, For The Weed Smokers – never ever gets old. Why are cassettes awesome? Because we can listen to them in our van. What cassette release are you most looking forward to this store cassette day? Various Artists – Psicotrópico: Dispatches from the Puerto Rican Psych and Experimental Underground (Discos Diaspora).
  3. DJ Kid Slizzard Presents Broken Halos - Da Compilation Album () CD 01 - Boomin' In The Projects - Skinny Pimp & 09 - Smoking On a J - Koopsta Knicca 10 - Life of a Nigga - Lord Infamous Real Memphis Juntz (Pimp Shyt & Devil Shyt) à Aucun commentaire: Envoyer par e .
  4. I swear by the way yall jockin this shit, you'd think the download came wit some Kool-Aid and cornbread. This shit is NOT that fuckin good. You know it's fuckin sad, if a nigga get on a track talkin bout some reality based shit people tend to criticize it more than a nigga on a dope ass beat rappin bout some fuckin weed.
  5. DJ Kid Slizzard presents For the Weed Smokers Da Mixtape A long time coming - this is the 5th and ultimate Twankle & Glisten cassettemix - 90 minutes of my favorite weed bangers disproportionately from Memphis but there's also a lot of West Coast classic junts in .
  6. Jul 18,  · Sir. Swag and D Showtime talking about Weed PSA: We are not advocating smoking marijuana by any means, however it is a hilarious subject.
  7. Mar 25,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Cluekid - Weed Smokers YouTube; Kas:st - Hell On Earth (Official Video) Clue Kid 30, views. RSD - Jah Way - Duration: kakhav , views.
  8. DJ Kid Slizzard Cheeba Cheeba (as Harlem Underground) DJ Kid Slizzard - For The Weed Smokers 2 versions.

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