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Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2
Label: Venus - V 1007 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Greece • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Rebetiko

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Select link. E-mail link. Destroy note now Read note. Manual password Password necessary to read the note. Show password Hide password. Select password. Then King Harald went into Gaulardal, and had a great battle, in which he slew two kings, and conquered their dominions; and these were Gaulardal district and Strind district.

He gave Earl Hakon Strind district to rule over as earl. King Harald then proceeded to Stjoradal, and had a third battle, in which he gained the victory, and took that district also.

There upon the Throndhjem people assembled, and four kings met together with their troops. The one ruled over Veradal, the second over Skaun, third over the Sparbyggja district, and the fourth over Eyin Idre Inderoen ; and this latter had also Eyna district. These four kings marched with their men against King Harald, but he won the battle; and some of these kings fell, and some fled.

In all, King Harald fought at the least eight battles, and slew eight kings, in the Throndhjem district, and laid the whole of it under him.

North in Naumudal were two brothers, kings, -- Herlaug and Hrollaug; and they had been for three summers raising a mound or tomb of stone and lime and of wood. Just as the work was finished, the brothers got the news that King Harald was coming upon them with his army. Then King Herlaug had a great quantity of meat and drink brought into the mound, and went into it himself, with eleven companions, and ordered the mound to be covered up. King Hrollaug, on the contrary, went upon the summit of the mound, on which the kings were wont to sit, and made a throne to be erected, upon which he seated himself.

Then he ordered feather-beds to be laid upon the bench below, on which the earls were wont to be seated, and threw himself down from his high seat or throne into the earl's seat, giving himself the title of earl. Now Hrollaug went to meet King Harald, gave up to him his whole kingdom, offered to enter into his service, and told him his whole proceeding. Then took King Harald a sword, fastened it to Hrollaug's belt, bound a shield to his neck, and made him thereupon an earl, and led him to his earl's seat; and therewith gave him the district Naumudal, and set Drivin South - Jimi Hendrix - Welcome Home as earl over it A.

King Harald then returned to Throndhjem, where he dwelt during the winter, and always afterwards called it his home. He fixed here his head residence, which is called Lade. This winter he took to wife Asa, a daughter of Earl Hakon Grjotgardson, who then stood in great favour and honour with the king.

In spring the king fitted out his ships. In winter he had caused a great frigate a dragon to be built, and had it fitted-out in the most splendid way, and brought his house-troops and his berserks on board. The forecastle men were picked men, for they had the king's banner. From the stem to the mid-hold was called rausn, or the fore-defence; and there were the berserks.

Such Mystic Braves - Days of Yesteryears only were received into King Harald's house-troop as were remarkable for strength, courage, and all kinds of dexterity; and they alone got place in his ship, for he had a good choice of house-troops from the best men of every district.

King Harald had a great army, many large ships, and many men of might followed him. Hornklofe, in his poem called "Glymdrapa", tells of this; and also that King Harald had a battle with the people of Orkadal, at Opdal forest, before he went upon this expedition. King Harald moved out with his army from Throndhjem, and went southwards to More. Hunthiof was the name of the king who ruled over the district of More.

Solve Klofe was the name of his Whatcha Gonna Do About It? - The Litter - Distortions, and both were great warriors.

King Nokve, who ruled over Raumsdal, was the brother of Solve's mother. Those chiefs gathered a great force when they heard of King Harald, and came against him. They met at Solskel, and there was a great battle, which was gained by King Harald A. Hornklofe tells of this battle: The two kings were slain, but Solve escaped by flight; and King Harald laid both districts under his power.

He stayed here long in summer to establish law and order for the country people, and set men to rule them, and keep them faithful to him; and in autumn he prepared to return northwards to Throndhjem. Ragnvald Earl of More, a son of Eystein Glumra, had the summer before become one of Harald's men; and the king set him as chief over these two districts, North More and Raumsdal; strengthened him both with men of might and bondes, and gave him the help of ships to defend the coast against enemies.

He was called Ragnvald the Mighty, or the Wise; and people say both names suited him well. King Harald came back to Throndhjem about winter. The following spring A. Solve Klofe had passed the winter in his ships of war, plundering in North More, and had killed many of King Harald's men; pillaging some places, burning others, and making great ravage; but sometimes he had been, during the winter, with his friend King Arnvid in South More.

Now when he heard that King Harald was come with ships and a great army, he gathered people, and was strong in men-at-arms; for many thought they had to take vengeance of King Harald. Solve Klofe went southwards to Firdafylke the Fjord districtwhich King Audbjorn ruled over, to ask him to help, and join his force to King Arnvid's and his own. My father thought it better to fall in battle for his kingdom, than to go willingly into King Harald's service, or not to abide the chance of weapons like Ahora O Siempre - Various - Colección Verano (Morocco - Fragil Discos - Indice Virgen) Naumudal kings.

Now, they got news that King Harald was come from the north, and they met within Solskel. And it was the custom to lash the ships together, stem to stem; so it was done now.

King Harald laid his ship against King Arnvid's, and there was the sharpest fight, and many men fell on both sides. At last King Harald was raging with anger, and went forward to the fore-deck, and slew so dreadfully that all the forecastle men of Arnvid's ship were driven aft of the mast, and some fell.

Thereupon Harald boarded the ship, and King Arnvid's men tried to save themselves by flight, and he himself was slain in his ship. King Audbjorn also fell; but Solve fled. So says Hornklofe: Solve became afterwards a great sea-king, and often did great damage in King Harald's dominions. After this battle A.

It was now late in harvest, and King Harald's men gave him the counsel not to proceed south-wards round Stad. King Harald returned to Throndhjem. The same winter A. There he heard news of King Vemund, and came by night to a place called Naustdal, where King Vemund was living in guest-quarters.

Earl Ragnvald surrounded the house in which they were quartered, and burnt the king in it, together with ninety men. The came Berdlukare to Earl Ragnvald with a complete armed long-ship, and they both returned to More. The earl took all the ships Vemund had, and all the goods he could get hold of. Berdlukare proceeded north to Throndhjem to King Harald, and became his man; and dreadful berserk he was.

Then he sailed eastward along the land until he came to Vik; but he left Earl Hakon Grjotgardson behind, and set him over the Fjord district. Earl Hakon sent word to Earl Atle Mjove that he should leave Sogn district, and be earl over Gaular district, as he had been before, alleging that King Harald had given Sogn district to him.

Earl Atle sent word that he would keep both Sogn district and Gaular district, until he met King Harald. The two earls quarreled about this so long, that both gathered troops. They met at Fialar, in Stavanger fiord, and had a great battle, in which Earl Hakon Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2and Earl Atle got a mortal wound, and his men carried him to the island of Atley, where he died.

So says Eyvind Skaldaspiller: King Harald came with his fleet eastward to Viken and landed at Tunsberg, which was then a trading town. He had then been four years in Throndhjem, and in all that time had not been in Viken.

Here he heard the news that Eirik Eymundson, king of Sweden, had laid under him Vermaland, and was taking scat or land-tax from all the forest settlers; and also that he called the whole country north to Svinasund, and west along the sea, West Gautland; and which altogether he reckoned to his kingdom, and took land-tax from it.

Over this country he had set an earl, by name Hrane Gauzke, who had the earldom between Svinasund and the Gaut river, and was a mighty earl. And it was told to King Harald that the Swedish king said he would not rest until he had as great a kingdom in Viken as Sigurd Hring, or Ponteio - Various - Nova História Da Música Popular Brasileira - Edu Lobo son Ragnar Lodbrok, had possessed; and that was Raumarike and Vestfold, all the way to the isle Grenmar, and also Vingulmark, and all that lay south of it.

In all these districts many chiefs, and many other people, had given obedience to the Swedish king. King Harald was Colpa Del Whisky - Vasco Rossi - Il Mondo Che Vorrei angry at this, and summoned the bondes to a Thing at Fold, where he laid an accusation against them for treason towards him.

Some bondes defended themselves from Marco Lessentin - Si Si Cheri accusation, some paid fines, some were punished. He went thus through the whole district during the summer, and in harvest he did the same in Raumarike, and laid the two districts under his power.

Towards winter he heard that Eirik king of Sweden was, with his court, going about in Vermaland in guest-quarters. King Harald takes his way across the Eid forest eastward, and comes out in Vermaland, where he also orders feasts to be prepared for himself. There was a man by name Ake, who was the greatest of the bondes of Vermaland, very rich, and at that time very aged. He sent men to King Harald, and invited him to a feast, and the king promised to come on the day appointed.

Ake invited also King Eirik to a feast, and appointed the same day. Ake had a great feasting hall, but it was old; and he made a new hall, not less than the old one, and had it ornamented in the most splendid way.

The new hall he had hung with new hangings, but the old had only its old ornaments. Now when the kings came to the feast, King Eirik with his court was taken into the old hall; but Harald with his followers into the new.

The same difference was in all the table furniture, and King Eirik and his men had the old-fashioned vessels and horns, but all gilded and splendid; while King Harald and Wrong Turn - Piano Magic - Saint Marie EP men had entirely new vessels and horns adorned with gold, all with carved figures, and shining like glass; and both companies had the best of liquor.

Ake the bonde had formerly been King Halfdan the Black s man. Now when daylight came, and the feast was quite ended, and the kings made themselves ready for their journey, and the horses were saddled, came Ake before King Harald, leading in his hand his son Ubbe, a boy of twelve years of age, and said, "If the goodwill I have shown to thee, sire, in my feast, be worth thy friendship, show it hereafter to my son.

I give him to thee now for thy service. Then Ake brought out great presents, which he gave to the king, and they gave each other thereafter the parting kiss. Ake went next to the Swedish king, who was dressed and ready for the road, but not in the best humour. Ake gave to him also good and valuable gifts; but the king answered only with few words, and mounted his horse.

Ake Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 the king on the road and talked with him. The road led through a wood which was near to the house; and when Ake came to the wood, the king said to him, "How was it that thou madest such a difference between me and King Harald as to give him the best of everything, although thou knowest thou art my man? But that all the utensils for your drinking were old, was because you are now old; but King Harald is in the bloom of youth, and therefore I gave him the new things.

And as to my being thy man, thou art just as much my man. King Harald was ready now also to mount his horse, and desired that Ake should be called. The people went to seek him; and some ran up the road that King Eirik had taken, and found Ake there dead. They came back, and told the news to King Harald, and he bids his men to be up, and avenge Ake the bonde.

And away rode he and his men the way King Eirik had taken, until they came in sight of each other. Each for himself rode as hard as he could, until Eirik came into the wood which divides Gautland and Vermaland.

There King Harald Wrong Turn - Piano Magic - Saint Marie EP about, and returns to Vermaland, and lays the country under him, and kills King Eirik's men wheresoever he can find them.

In winter King Harald returned to Raumarike, and dwelt there a while. King Harald went out in winter to his ships at Tunsberg, rigged them, and sailed away eastward over the fiord, and subjected all Vingulmark to his dominion. All winter he was out with his ships, and marauded in Ranrike; so says Thorbjorn Hornklofe: In spring, when the ice was breaking up, the Gautlanders drove stakes into the Gaut river to hinder King Harald with his ships from coming to the land.

But King Harald laid his ships alongside the stakes, and plundered the country, and burnt all around; so says Horn klofe: Afterwards the Gautlanders came down to the strand with a great army, and gave battle to King Harald, and great was the fall of men. But it was King Harald who gained the day. Thus says Hornklofe: King Harald went far and wide through Gautland, and many were the battles he fought there on both sides of the river, and in general he was victorious.

In one of these battles fell Hrane Gauzke; and then the king took his whole land north of the river and west of the Veneren, and also Vermaland. And after he turned back there-from, he set Duke Guthorm as chief to defend the country, and left Blood Surfing - Sex Sex Sex - Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence great force with him.

King Harald himself went first to the Uplands, where he remained a while, and then proceeded northwards over the Dovrefjeld to Throndhjem, where he dwelt for a long time. Harald began to have children. By Asa he had four sons. The eldest was Guthorm. Halfdan the Black and Halfdan the White were twins.

Sigfrod was the fourth. They were all brought up in Throndhjem with all honour. News came in from the south land that the people of Hordaland and Rogaland, Agder and Thelemark, were gathering, and bringing together ships and weapons, and a great body of men. Now when Harald got certain news of this, he assembled his forces, set his ships on the water, made himself ready with his men, and set out southwards along the coast, gathering many people from every district.

King Eirik heard of this when he same south of Stad; and having assembled all the men he could expect, he proceeded southwards to meet the force which he knew was coming to Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 help from the east. The whole met together north of Jadar, and went into Hafersfjord, where King Harald was waiting with his forces. A great battle began, which was both hard and long; but at last King Harald gained the day.

Thor Haklang, who was a great berserk, had laid his ship against King Harald's, and there was above all measure a desperate attack, until Thor Haklang fell, and his whole ship was cleared of men. Then King Kjotve fled to a little isle outside, on which there was a good place of strength. Thereafter all his men fled, some to their ships, some up to the land; and the latter ran southwards over the country of Jadar.

So says Hornklofe, viz. The snekke was the cutter or smaller war-ship. After this battle King Harald met no opposition in Norway, for all his opponents and greatest enemies were cut off. But some, and they were a great multitude, fled out of the country, and thereby great districts were peopled. Jemtaland and Helsingjaland were peopled then, although some Norwegians had already set up their habitation there.

In the discontent that King Harald seized on the lands of Norway, the out-countries of Iceland and the Farey Isles were discovered and peopled. The Northmen had also a great resort to Hjaltland Shetland Isles and many men left Norway, flying the country on account of King Harald, and went on viking cruises into the West sea.

In winter they were in the Orkney Islands and Hebrides; but marauded in summer in Norway, and did The Power Of Love - Celine Dion* - The Colour Of My Love damage.

Many, however, were the mighty men who took service under King Harald, and became his men, and dwelt in the land with him. When King Harald had now become sole king over all Norway, he remembered what that proud girl had said to him; so he sent men to her, and had her brought to him, and took her to his bed.

And these were their children: Alof -- she was the eldest; then was their son Hrorek; then Sigtryg, Frode, and Thorgils. King Harald had many wives and many children. Among them he had one wife, who was called Ragnhild the Mighty, a daughter of King Eirik, from Jutland; and by her he had a son, Eirik Blood-axe.

It is told that King Harald put away nine wives when he married Ragnhild the Mighty. King Harald's children were all fostered and brought up by their relations on the mother's Muxika77* - Death And The Magpie. Guthorm the Duke had poured water over King Harald's eldest son and had given him his own name.

He set the child upon his knee, and was his foster-father, and took him with himself eastward to Viken, and there Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 was brought up in the house of Guthorm.

Guthorm ruled the whole land in Viken and the Uplands, when King Harald was absent. King Harald heard that the vikings, Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 were in the West sea in winter, plundered far and wide in the middle part of Norway; and therefore every summer he made an expedition to search the isles and out-skerries 1 on the coast. Wheresoever the vikings heard of him they all took to flight, and most of them out into the open ocean.

At last the king grew weary of this work, and therefore one summer he sailed with his fleet right out into the West sea. First he came to Hjaltland Shetlandand he slew all the vikings who could not save themselves by flight.

Then King Το Τσιφτετέλι Του Μητσάρα - Μητσάρας* - Παληά Φρουρά Νο 2 sailed southwards, to the Orkney Islands, and cleared them all of vikings.


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