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Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion
Label: PolyGram Special Projects Nederland - 555 021-2 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Pop • Style: Ballad, Vocal

It seemed a bargain. Benscher pushed Pearlman to expand Airship, and he did, eventually acquiring four more blimps, which were leased to SeaWorld, Metropolitan Life, Gulf Oil, and others. Another Chatfield executive was hired as well and ended up handling merchandising for the Backstreet Boys.

So Pearlman raised more money. He had been gathering small amounts from family and friends, mostly in the New York area, but in the early s he aggressively began soliciting outside investors. Some, such as the late Eric Emanuel, a Wall Street investment banker, were sophisticated; Emanuel ponied up several million dollars and persuaded a Long Island real-estate mogul, Alfonse Fuglioli, to do the same. Then he began selling small lots of Trans Con Air stock, which paid an annual dividend of about 10 percent.

In time Pearlman began selling eisa investments through a series of small brokerage Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion in Florida. Many of his buyers were retirees. Steven, a Manhattan dentist, his brother, Barry, and their parents began investing with Pearlman in the s, after the elder Sarins heard someone in their Florida retirement community speak glowingly of Pearlman. He kept saying it would all go public.

And, you know, we were getting a decent return, so we were happy. Chow or any other Pearlman investor were actually guaranteed by the F. Or AIG. It was all a lie. Flames Of Purgatory - Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead said it was all a misunderstanding.

For the most part investors simply took Pearlman at his word. When someone did ask to see proof of AIG and Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion. The bigger lie, though, was the simplest: there is no such thing as an eisa account. It was a startlingly simple, and fabulously successful, con. In fact, the state of Florida alleges, it was a straightforward Ponzi scheme: Pearlman paid old investors with money from new ones.

There is scant evidence many other than Pearlman knew the extent of his frauds. One way Pearlman protected himself was hiring inexperienced people.

Pearlman found another of his top men, Paul Russo, working at a convenience store. As he told the story in later years, Pearlman began to think about entering the music business during the late s, when one of his charter planes flew New Kids on Free Girlfriend - The Homestretch - Bug Into The Clones Block to several concerts.

Pearlman wanted in. What do you really want to do? In earlyPearlman placed an advertisement in the Orlando Sentinel, announcing auditions for a band to be composed of teenage boys. Among the first to reply was Denise Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passionwhose son, A.

Eventually, in JanuaryPearlman held an open casting call in which hundreds of young performers danced and sang at his blimp hangar in Kissimmee, south of Orlando. The rest is music history. The group staged its first show, at SeaWorld in Mayand soon went on the road, appearing at amusement parks and malls.

Pearlman brought in a pair of professional managers, Johnny and Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion Wright, and within a year the Backstreet Boys had a deal with Jive Records. After U. Through it all, Pearlman remained a smiling father figure to the boys, paying for everything, the tours, housing, clothes. It Came From The Skies - Asphyx - Incoming Death though the Backstreet Boys would not find success in America untilPearlman was soon spending so much time on the music business he all but lost interest in blimps.

As a result, Airship International went down in flames. Of its five blimps, only one was still flying in late The SeaWorld blimp was dismantled after the park declined to renew its lease.

Another, leased to promote a Pink Floyd tour, was damaged in a windstorm. Another crashed in North Carolina.

Yet another, en route to the U. Most, like Pearlman, were too excited about the music end of the business. Its income grew steadily through the s. Pearlman regularly mailed out glowing letters to Trans Con Air shareholders, detailing how the aircraft-leasing and other businesses were doing.

Only Julian Benscher, after years of pestering Pearlman, was able to buy a significant stake Back To Life (Accapella) - Soul II Soul - Club Classics Vol. One the company, about 7 percent.

You own 82 percent of it. Forty-nine airplanes? Julian, this has nothing to do with me. Everything I had believed for eight years was a lie.

Stunned, Benscher investigated how many airplanes Pearlman actually owned. He found precisely three, and all appeared to belong not to Trans Con but to a small charter service Pearlman had formed inPlanet Airways. There was always a plane or helicopter there whenever he wanted. When we flew to L. You know why? Louie was using those fake pictures all the way back in the late 70s to try and raise money.

Can you believe it? People thought it was all real! Still, the music business thrilled him. Even before the band hit it big, he began planning more groups. Other groups were soon in the works, including a five-teen band named Take 5, a three-teen group called LFO, and an all-girl group named Innosense.

With money pouring in from investors, Pearlman began work on a state-of-the-art recording studio. When it was finished, artists as varied as Kenny Rogers and the Bee Gees would record there. From the very beginning, people remarked how odd it was for a blimp-industry executive to be diversifying into boy bands. What he liked to do was take boys out to dinner.

From outward appearances, Pearlman was not gay; in fact, over the years he dated several women, including a nurse. But even in those early years, when Pearlman shepherded the Backstreet Boys to appearances around the U.

Is this all innocent? Or is it more? Others felt Pearlman was above reproach. But I spent a lot of time with the boys and Lou, and I can tell you there was no inappropriate behavior. No way. For Pearlman, and for all the people around him, everything changed in June when the Backstreet Boys charted their first U. It was during this period, in andthat the first allegations of inappropriate behavior involving Pearlman appear to have surfaced. One incident centered on the youngest of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, who in turned Even for many of those closest to the group, what happened remains unclear.

All of a sudden it appeared there was a flip at some point. Then we heard from the Carter camp that there was some kind of inappropriate behavior. It Lutter - Indub just odd. I can just say there were odd events that took place. Neither Nick Carter nor his divorced parents, Robert and Jane Carter, will address what, if anything, happened. Colour Flash - You Can Drive I Must Drink - Yetis Balls was a big blowup at that point.

From what Jane says, yes, there was a big blowup and they confronted him. In a telephone interview, Jane Carter stops just short of acknowledging Pearlman made improper overtures to her son. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers. I tried to expose him for what he was years ago. According to Christofore, who now runs a small entertainment business in St. Paul, Minnesota, Pearlman performed a swan dive onto the bed, wrestling with the boys, at which point his towel came off.

On a separate occasion, Christofore and another band member telephoned Pearlman to say they were coming to his home to play pool. When they arrived, Pearlman met them at the door naked, explaining he was just getting out of the shower.

Another time, Christofore remembers, Pearlman showed him security-camera footage of his girl group, Innosense, sunbathing topless. On still another occasion, Pearlman invited all five band members to watch the movie Star Wars in his viewing room. At one point the film switched off and was replaced by a pornographic movie.

We were kids. Lou played this game of trying to alienate the parents. I know that. To me, the man is just a sexual predator. Only two of these men would talk to me, and while one acknowledges hearing stories from other boys of inappropriate behavior, both strenuously deny experiencing it themselves.

Mooney signed on, and Pearlman soon invited him to live in his home. All the time Pearlman held out the chance that Mooney could join one of the groups he was planning, called O-Town. From the outset, Mooney noticed how Pearlman enjoyed hugging him, rubbing his shoulders, and squeezing his arms, usually in conjunction with one of his odd pep talks.

But it gets to be too much. It was so obvious and disgusting. He came at me. In my situation I avoided him like the plague. If I went to his house, I went with somebody. I would never go with him alone. Because I knew every time I was over there by myself it always led to some weird situation. The guy was hairy as a bear. Steve Mooney shared his concerns with his father, who joined the two for dinner.

While they ate, Mooney says, Pearlman kept putting his hand on his leg. Finally he asked him to stop. Afterward, he was surprised when his father said Pearlman seemed O. On several occasions in the late s, Phoenix Stone says, he felt obliged to confront Pearlman over his behavior.

I was worried about the under-aged kids. He never admitted to being gay or anything. And if you do, none of them can be under-aged. More than once, he says, he encountered young male singers slipping out of those doors late at night, tucking in their shirts, a sheepish look on their faces. As Mooney tells it, matters came to a head induring the final stages of the O-Town selection process. Pearlman was resisting his entreaties to join the group. When Lou called Steve, they had an argument.

Stone left, believing the matter had been resolved. In fact, Mooney says, there was a second phone call. A long argument ensued. Figure it out. Mooney says he left the house without further incident. He knew, however, that his days with Pearlman were numbered. After making copies of the photos, Mooney says, he contacted the aide who posed as a dancer. That photo?

Mooney says he turned over the copies and resigned. Today he sells real estate in Orlando. In latePhoenix Stone and Sybil Hall say, they took an odd phone call from Pearlman: he said he had found a listening device in his home.

Despite innuendo that dogged him for years, Pearlman faced the prospect of public allegations only a handful of times. Once, an unidentified male singer—there may have been more than one—made it clear to Pearlman that he was about to Mad About The Boy - Various - Feel The Passion public. Cheney Mason, of Orlando, confirms that he turned the matter over to the F.

Almost from the moment Pearlman achieved his first real success in the music industry, inthe foundations of his little empire began to quake. Littrell sued, and in Mayhis bandmates joined the litigation; during discovery they learned that, among other things, Pearlman was paid as the sixth member of the band.

In general, the band got cash and its freedom; Pearlman retained a portion of its future revenues. One by one they sued or disbanded. After that, the lawsuits just kept coming. Phoenix Stone sued. Cheney Mason. He bought the 12,square-foot lakeside mansion in suburban Windermere, along with two condominiums in Orlando, a waterfront condo in Clearwater, two Las Vegas penthouses, a house in Hollywood, and an apartment in Manhattan.

He had at Psycho - The Exploited - Apocalypse 77 two Rolls-Royces. The slowing of the boy-band craze in andhowever, meant Pearlman needed new income streams to keep paying his investors.

Pearlman tried to break into Hollywood, developing a script titled Longshot, written by Tony DeCamillis, the once banned stockbroker. As its stars Pearlman cast one of his singers, a teenager named Joey Sculthorpe, more than a dozen Trans Con artists, and Britney Spears, the Rock, and Justin Timberlake in a series of Night In Tunisia - Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Night In Tunisia. Released inLongshot was a complete flop.

Chastened, Pearlman next attempted to capitalize on his image as a molder of young Ivory Coast (Part 2) - John Patitucci - Another World, co-producing the successful Making the Band series for ABC and MTV and, in Septemberacquiring a controversial talent-scouting bureau known as Options Talent.

The Options acquisition proved a nightmare; several of its executives had criminal records, and its clients, mostly young people seeking careers in acting and modeling, had filed hundreds of complaints with Better Business Bureaus around the country alleging they had received little in return for fees they paid.

Under Pearlman, Options endured a series of name changes, a lengthy Florida state investigation into its methods—Pearlman was never charged with any wrongdoing—and a bankruptcy before emerging as a new company called Talent Rock, a small and rarely profitable business that held open casting calls for singers, actors, and models at venues around the U.

In he used this goodwill to strike a deal with the city council to assume control of the Church Street Station complex, a cluster of historic buildings in downtown Orlando. Promising to refurbish the complex and create jobs, Pearlman relocated all his businesses there, and, despite construction delays, the opening of several restaurants and stores in the next several years slowly brought Church Street back to life. He continued pumping out new singing groups, including a Latin boy band and a Euro boy band called US5, but none caught fire.

Yet his hundreds of investors still needed to be paid. Trouble is your middle name. But at the end you're not too bad Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you. Mad About You Letra Hooverphonic. But in the end I'm not too bad Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you Mad about you, Mad Are you the fishy wine that will give me a headache in the morning Or just a dark blue land mine that explode without a decent warning.

Give me all your true hate and I'll translate it in our bed, Into never seen passion, never seen passion That is why I am so mad about you Mad about you, Mad Trouble is your middle name.

But at the end you're not too bad Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Give me all your true hate and I'll translate it in our bed, Into never seen passion, never seen passion That is why I am so mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you Mad about you.


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