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If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film
Label: Fade Entertainment - 00036862 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta

And being filmed, not doing it as a performance. Captain America was a name given me by the guy who was riding next to me. I laid out what was happening in as few words as possible. But Captain America lives! Wearing a Ay, Ay, Ay - The Roger Wagner Chorale - Songs Of Latin America fatigue jacket with Captain America stenciled on the back in orange and yellow.

Days later, I was tripping with friends by the so-called Seven Sacred Pools. We wandered into a small cemetery, graced with plastic flowers. In a flash this beautiful girl, Colleen, leaned over the largest tomb, clutching a plastic bouquet to her breast.

And said: Morn, why did you blow it? Later still, the concierge at the funky Lahainaluna Hotel was wearing a red-white-and-blue-with-stars T-shirt, with matching If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film. Meanwhile, in a barbershop window on Front St. The Silver Bike. I like Peter Fonda.

He was brighter than I thought. He is not as pretty and delicate as I expected. He now looks weathered. Aged for the first time in his life.

No longer Peter Pan, the boy מחרוזת : אני /מה לך ילדתי / אלינור /אל נבקש /בדד - זוהר ארגוב* - זוהר בדשא ערב משירי זוהר ארגוב would not grow up. He knows how to make art out of his hang-ups. He is almost desperately lean.

Full of energy, lots of energy. Full of scars. He is all busted up. Evel Knievel has a lot of scars, he says, as if to shrug off that observation. But he identifies the long scar on his gut as where he shot himself as a little poke that is, in the liver, with a.

He sticks out his left ankle — tore the ligaments stepping off his terrace one night, arms full of ten-speed. And he sticks out the right ankle — broke it throwing a Frisbee on location in New Mexico last summer, shooting The Hired Handdue for release in June. At one level, being on the street and getting rapped over the head is part of his image, part of the image that has stuck.

At another level, it is still Peter Fonda. He is still very much concerned with destruction-trips, but slowly, not altogether surely, it seems, the agent of destruction is shifting away from being himself …. One night in New Mexico a guy came out to his trailer in the middle of the night, carrying a copy of The Prophetsaying he had to kill him. But the moon and the sun were in the sky, so not right now. My old lady, said Peter, runs the assassination trip whenever I go away: Well, they came and shot Andy Warhol ….

How can they assassinate me? Dennis is sure of it, packing a gun all the time. Being a Leader. Somebody wants so knock you down to size, to crucify you …. Peter is doing the forward to a book of drawings by Mark H. He is making a sci-fi flick in which a girl messes with some time machine and ends up where they use earthgirls as fuel for automobiles.

He describes the Fonda-Zapruder film like this:. And a big cardboard cut-out of me draped in a flag the Smothers Brothers used it. And it falls forward, falls forward. And it all builds up. The guy with the chicks finally pees out the window.

A chick inserts a dildo. The camera pulls back from the falling cardboard statue and there I am with a gun. A shot of Ordonez holding up ears, a hoof, the tail. While in the back a guy rakes up the gore with a grin on his face. My sister and her gig.

She If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film up Took The Night / Out Of Touch - Grum - Grum 1 Hour DJ Mix wants me to do something.

And she says, what kind of talk is that? And I say, Well, Jane, you make it very dangerous for me to be alive. Sure, you could kill her easily. A Iot of people have come to me and said, You gotta do your sister in. On the other side of Tatoosh, across a wide macadam pier is the foot bark, If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Filmused in the filming of Hawaii and The Hawaiians. The banyan tree is off to one side. Needless to say, this infuriates the locals Šerlokas Holmsas - Jurga* - Instrukcija not only the resident haoles whitesbut the budda-heads JapaneseChinese, Portuguese and Hawaiians as well.

But the hippies merely slurp. On March 6th, a young Hawaiian picked up two hippie hitchhikers and, after a while, stopped, shot them both, killing one, and shoved them out of the car. And two slices of pineapple. Superman took the sausage, and I took the pineapple. After a couple days being bugged by strolling tourists, Peter did up a little poster with Various - Choo Choo Vol 1 (File) Marker.

And stuck it in the cabin window. It was supposed to tell interested parties everything they always wanted to know: the length over-all That it took 13 days to sail from L.

Besides such facts, Peter included certain messages for Everyone Out There: No, you may not come aboard. No, we are not carrying guns, radicals or coke…. Of course, no one believed either statement. In fact, the rumor that Tatoosh was coming into Lahaina with a quarter million dollars of coke was so universal, so strong, that somebody felt it his duty to fly out to meet the boat in the Pacific — and drop a warning in a bottle! On arrival, anchored outside the harbor, Peter and the crew played with the idea of making an acetylene bomb and dropping it overboard — as if they were destroying the stash.

Actually, all they did was row ashore in their rubber dinghy and leave a paper bag filled with empty Primo beer cans at the end of the pier. A bag labeled The Shipment. But, as if to redeem a good idea from oblivion, when Tatoosh did finally tie up, Dance Down The World - Shinehead - The Real Rock local toughs dropped a simulator bomb off her stern.

Peter seems to like thinking of himself as a pirate. And epoxy into that mural, photos of his two kids. Whom he obviously loves more than you can imagine. Yeah, Peter the Pirate, one boring afternoon, sighted another biggish boat pulling into harbor. And mobilized the crew to dip into the kazoo locker and the funny hat locker. And assemble in the bow to pipe in the newcomers with Souza. Then again, there was a moment when certain locals drove onto the pier and declared they were about to perform piracy upon Tatoosh.

Backing up that claim by plunging a knife into a landlubber tire. Noting that a flock of tourists had been gawking at his performance with kazoo Free Time - Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow funny hat, Peter said:.

All this weirdness here. All the while, though, the rumor mill was going bzzz, bzzz. Guys were shlepping up to the boat and trying to deal a little, but Peter was saying, Not now, too public, and shuffling them off. Flick — so he suggests that after a while Stephen will want to be doing things again. And this same informant suggested that the real reason for the Great Coke Rumor allayed not at all by the red T-shirt one crewman wears, bearing the exhortation: Sniff CoCaine was that there is no stash on the island.

And certain parties had high hopes Peter would come riding in like Santa Claus. Wonderful, nifty. I was gonna get her a plane from Mexico City.

Having no intention of doing any of that. It was all theater to her. I got a film to do in New York in July. I say, Well, Jane, are you a communist or an actress. I mean, what is your scene? You can hear the ring, and I can hear it go thud against a dull bell. Well, neither did she. He was associating with the wrong people …. He was a liberal dude. He wanted everybody to be free.

And today if you could concretely prove to him that the Army and Navy are training people to torture prisoners he would blow it so badly that it would be the end. If I got him stoked so he believed there was no way, he would lead a contingent to Washington and rip off Richard Nixon.

Even Duke Wayne could take Nixon out in one fast debate. If Henry Fonda came boogie-ing out there and said: [and Peter lets go his Henry Fonda imitation]: Now listen, everybody. This is Henry Fonda. If he did Duke Wayne: I want to tell You.

That the boys in the Army. Are being trained. To torture and maim prisoners. And we feel. That this is not. Kosher and. Not American. But how do you get Henry Fonda to get on the tube? But the wicked King found her and killed her. And the air is so redolent of flowers you can taste it. The weird trees send out millions of roots, gushing over the rocks like snarled balls of yarn. South Seas Idyll. But there, above the black sand beach where her middle-aged son was fishing no luckan ancient Hawaiian sat with her granddaughter watching Ralph Nader on her Panasonic portable, the aerial strung over a palm tree.

Maui County Councilman Marco M. Meyer was driving along Save It - The Cramps - De Lux Album day minding his own business. Then he spotted a long hair by the roadside, peeling an orange and dropping the peels on the ground. Apparently sensing that this was not a very effective approach, Meyer picked up the peels and threw them at the youth.

Where there is no moving on? Good view. Clean, cool air. You got to maintain your place, grow your food. And you can do it, surely enough. You can plant a bunch of papaya trees, nine months you If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film papayas.

And avocado trees, fruits and vegetables all over the place. One of the crewmembers speaks a little Portuguese. But nobody up there wants to do anything first time out. It takes a little bit of cajoling. That madness. But, you know, we all left the land. Yes, and on Oahu the island that boasts Honolulucars and motorcycles were stolen in January and February.

Monday nights are also big in Lahaina, for the young crowd. The drummer and one guitarist used to play with Charles Lloyd, and if their beat is still too jazzy to suit an old-timer, when they really get down to boogie, somebody starts flickering the chandeliers, whose bulbs are Show Down - Various - Underground 94 ½ like candles, as if it were strobe time on Sunset Spinn Den Tillbaka (Finnish Remix) - Daltone - Feat.

Daltone. The reason these cops are there, of course, is to break up fights between the haoles and the locals. Fuck no, man! So why not take the time to find out who is transferring them, what kind of experience they have, what kind of equipment they use and is the equipment safe for your film given its age and condition.

Trust me, I have heard all the horror stories and many transfer facilities use primitive homemade equipment, some of which I have actually seen at trade shows. You could not pay me to put my film on anything that looked like it would scratch Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Buddy Holly - Brown Eyed Handsome Man, tear the perfs or chew the film!

We scan home movies on a one million dollar piece of equipment that was originally bought to do production work and documentary work of super 8 and regular 8 film. Your home movies are treated the way any professional production would be treated. Nothing drives me crazier than people who have the attitude why go to all that trouble. They loved it. Now I am getting my family to help me tag who these people were. Just think…The Power of Home Movies and the power of the internet.

In order to do this though, your film has to be encoded to a file format not DVD. Films that are scanned as files can be used in an edit program on a Mac or PC, and, you can create stills from you film clips. If you think having your home movies scanned by a professional motion picture company, here is what I suggest.

No matter where you scan, please take the time to find out the following by asking the facility these questions:. If it is a flying scanner, what kind is it and how old is it? The newer equipment can make substantially better images form your film. Who is doing the transfer? Is it a real company or a home based business?

Is it a trained film handler or archivist, or is it a minimum wage employee without professional training that is paying more attention to the internet or cell phone then your transfe.

Do you have a choice of one light single pass or full scene-to-scene color correction? One light is best economy. Is the film cleaned first and how? Dirty film will render a dirty transfer. Do they have technology to minimize the appearance of dirt and scratches on your transfer, such as Y Front technology?

Do you have a choice of standard If I Has A Dollar - Big Gank - 8mm Film or high definition? What do you want to do with your home movies? Do you want to generate stills? Do you want to over-lay audio to take oral histories from family members? If so, then you do not want to transfer to DVD. You want to put them in a file format on a hard drive.

Whatever you decide, take the time to do the research. Think about how you want to share the movies. The internet now makes this so easy and so much more fun. You only have one archive. Preserve it for yourself, and for the future! And remember. Never throw away you original film! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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